An Eventful Week

Last week was loaded with happenings. It all started at the restaurant where I work part-time where we had big groups from Monday to Friday. I had to pass up on the Friday party, though, because that was the date I reserved a table for three at Sofitel’s Spiral for the boyfriend, his sister A and yours truly.


Though I’m quite familiar with the buffet setting in restaurants, it was my first time to have a Spiral buffet dinner. Oh boy was it overwhelming! I haven’t seen so much food in one place.

Each food station boasted of both familiar and exotic dishes from a particular cuisine. I spotted Chinese food (which was a few baby steps our table), Filipino specialties, Italian and Spanish favorites, Japanese items, Indian cuisine, grilled meat and seafood, and of course, desserts!


I ate slowly and savored each bite to better appreciate all the glorious food I was ingesting. At that very moment, I intentionally forgot I was watching my food intake and instead, indulged in the grand banquet laid before me and the rest of the Spiral diners that night. It was a very memorable and satisfying dinner, indeed. As we left the hotel, I thanked Ensogo Philippines for the great deal I had been fortunate of getting from their site. I have two more unused Ensogo vouchers and I can’t wait to finally enjoy them and get my money’s full worth.


While Saturday had been a bit laidback and only included a visit to the mall to pay bills and do some grocery shopping, Sunday was filled with fun and laughter as I, along with the boyfriend’s family went on a road trip to Tagaytay. And it was not just a road trip because we actually planned to spend a good part of the day at Picnic Grove armed with the boyfriend’s mom’s home-cooked meals (read:family picnic). Again, it was my first time to do such an activity with a family other than my own. But then, they’re like my second family so there wasn’t much of a difference.



Picnic Grove Tagaytay on a weekend was filled with families and you bet, tourists! I instantly knew why — there’s so much to do in the park. I saw teens and young adults riding horses and trying the zip line, couples walking around, groups renting boats to have a majestic view of the famous Taal Lake and families enjoying home-cooked meals on rented tables spread strategically on the ground under the canopy of trees. I also spotted souvenir shops and food stalls catering to tourists and locals alike. It was really a sight to behold. I felt relaxed and happy just by watching the flow of things in the park.



While in Cavite, we also visited the Pink Sisters Convent (also in Tagaytay) and dropped by the boyfriend’s aunt’s place in Dasmariñas for some chit chat and afternoon snack.

When we got home a little past three in the afternoon, I was still on active mode so I decided to get online before taking some rest. I was glad I did because I was able to check my mails, update my other blogs and uploaded photos from our trip. I think I slept early that night because the next day was a workday already.

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  1. Go, satisfy your gastronomic urge and be fat! Then, join me every morning as I tread the mill at the office gym. I miss our bonding moments already, Superf!

  2. yeah right, haha. i hope i can join you, but i’m so tamad to exercise and you know that! bonding moments = blog events na lang muna, and hopefully, when you finally treat melai and i to a relaxing spa! 🙂

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