Canon Ixus 105: To Get or Not To Get

When I heard about Canon’s price drop for the entire month of February, I jumped at the idea of getting my first ever digicam. Why not if it was a Canon Ixus 105 and costed almost ten grand only? The original price was P12,950. I mean, it’s Canon. The brand speaks for itself. It would surely be a great buy.

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I tried contacting Canon DZone at Mall of Asia last month but the sales personnel there informed me they didn’t have the unit I wanted on stock. I then ask to have one reserved under my name, to which they gamely obliged. When I called up again last week, they still didn’t have the unit. That was the time I accepted the fact I couldn’t have it at a discounted price.

Now my dilemma lies on whether I should get a Canon Ixus 105 at regular prices or not. I really want a digicam at my disposal, one that I could use to take snapshots of my fave things (e.g. flowers, table lamp, gadgets and food). The reviews of Canon Ixus 105 online were highly positive. I particularly like that it has 12.1 megapixels,  smart auto, good image stabilizer, 28mm wide angle and video. It also produces decent pictures and is easy to use. I like that they come in pastel colors, very lively. If I happen to buy one,  I’d definitely settle for this shade of pink.

Our DSLR, a Canon 1000D, is too bulky to bring anywhere and I prefer using it only during special occasions. That’s why I’m eyeing the sleek and slim Ixus 105. Plus I love Canon.

I must decide on this soon.

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  1. I am voting against your purchase of a new camera. Freebie, the dgcam, will surely be sad to be left at home during events. Plus, I don’t see it’s practical to buy another gadget of the same purpose.

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