New Look for Summer

There’s no denying summer is here. Last night was very humid I had to turn on the fan so I could sleep. I guess I will have to do that every night for the rest of this season to feel comfortable in my slumber. Given that, I should expect my electric bill to balloon a little in the next two months. But that’s okay so long as I don’t perspire like crazy.


my new ‘do without the color and the highlights

Last Friday, I finally got a new hair ‘do. It was a short pixie cut that looked good on me (according to almost everyone, haha). To complete the new look that was very summer-y, I had my hair dyed and got some highlights at the same salon the next day. I have never looked this young and chic and cool. Just what a nice hair cut can do to a face. And to think I only spent a little over P600 for it!


the short-haired mother and daughter tandem

I’m glad I pushed thru my plan to get a short hair cut. It felt very liberating. I feel good every time someone I know would notice my new ‘do and give warm, sincere compliments. It makes me want to continue taking good care of myself and making more smart and liberating choices. It’s a wonderful feeling and I love it.

Anything you’ve done lately that made you and the people around you happy?

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    1. Thank you! Would you believe if I tell you that I had it done only at my neighborhood salon? That’s why I got it for a very cheap price. 🙂

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