My Techie Husband

I didn’t know having a techie husband could be costly. Or maybe I knew all along and I was just pretending not to know. If there’s one vice that my husband is addicted to, it would be gadgets. He has always been fascinated with anything IT-related. It must be because of his work, or he just really wants to get updated on the latest gadgets and acquire them if he has the resources to do so.

Last week, he attended a week-long IT governance seminar held at a government agency located somewhere in Quezon City. He said he learned a lot from it and now he wants to gain more knowledge by attending an ITIL governance seminar abroad. How ambitious! If the expenses will be paid wholly by his company, why not? If that’s not the case, I guess he better waits for the opportunity to come his way. Haha.

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Lusting Over a New Gadget

The mobile phone I’m using at present is a Nokia E63. It’s been with me since last year and so far, it’s been working perfectly. I’m careless (or is it clumsy?) when it comes to my phone. It slips through my hands without my knowing it. Accidents do happen, but in the case of my phone, I think I’m the accident that it needs to guard itself from at all times.

But my Nokia E63 is a tough gadget. The jelly bean case that holds it makes it all the more durable. Despite the many times I’ve dropped it on the floor (at varying heights and degrees), it has remained in tip-top shape. I have come to realize that this is the right phone for me. I couldn’t ask for more, until I saw some tablet touch screens at SM Cyberzone the other day. I was torn between the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. There was also the Blackberry Playbook which had sleek and stylish design.

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Online Shopping Vs. Traditional Shopping

Online shopping is the trend today. Perhaps, it’s because almost everyone has internet access that makes it easier for businesses to sell their products and services to a wider market. It also helps that online shopping sites are easier to deal with than traditional stores. Here, shopping for stuff is as fast as the bat of an eyelash, so long as you have the money to buy them.

Online shopping sites abound on the internet. They provide everything a normal person could ever need, from clothing and gadgets to home wares and even Exclusive products. I know several online shopping sites that make millions, if not billions of dollars, in sales. I think the most popular among them is Amazon. As they say, name it and Amazon has it.

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Canon Ixus 105: To Get or Not To Get

When I heard about Canon’s price drop for the entire month of February, I jumped at the idea of getting my first ever digicam. Why not if it was a Canon Ixus 105 and costed almost ten grand only? The original price was P12,950. I mean, it’s Canon. The brand speaks for itself. It would surely be a great buy.

photo taken from here

I tried contacting Canon DZone at Mall of Asia last month but the sales personnel there informed me they didn’t have the unit I wanted on stock. I then ask to have one reserved under my name, to which they gamely obliged. When I called up again last week, they still didn’t have the unit. That was the time I accepted the fact I couldn’t have it at a discounted price.

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A Full-Packed Weekend, Kinda

So, the past weekend has been very engaging and fun for me. I participated in the Canon Photomarathon 2010 and spent the day eating, brisk walking and taking pictures with blogger friends Nicely (a.k.a my Superfriend), Arvin, JP, Alex and Vince. The three of us (Arvin, Nicely and me) even sneaked out of the venue late in the afternoon to take a peek into the Nido Science Discovery Center where we got free entrance and a personalized tour of the place courtesy of Arvin’s contact. I recommend this interactive science center to all kids and kids-at-heart. It’s very educational and entertaining.

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