My 2010 Christmas Wishlist

It’s that time of the year again when you think of the things you want and wish your friends and family will go out of their way to give them to you as present. Christmas present, to be exact. I’m not fond of wishlists but just for the spirit of the season, lemme try to come up with one.

Without further a do, my 2010 Christmas wishlist includes the following:

1. airtight pasta container (just because I want my pasta fresh and sealed)
2. Sodexo GCs and SM gift cards (better than cash, methinks)
3. navy blue Longchamp bag with short handle (it’s about time I’d have one)
4. black Dorothy Perkins quilted sling bag (my dream bag, just because I can’t afford a Channel)
5. black blazer (my black blazers are either worn-out or just plain fugly)
6. black, open-toed pumps (I’ll wear them with confidence like how Liz Uy and Anne Curtis do)
7. camel or cream-colored flats (for my just-another-day-in-the-office modes)
8. brown boots (just for a change when going out)
9. long-lasting scented lotion (I’m not a big lotion user but I might change my mind if I’d get to lay my hands on lotion whose nice scent lasts all day)
10. manicure set (just because I’ve realized recently my nails needed some tender lovin’ care my manicurista neighbor can’t give, haha)
11. What A Girl Want accessories (WAGW brand is at any SM Dept. Store)
12. an out-of-the-country trip
13. waffle maker (I’m a big waffle eater!)
14. bag organizer (because mine was either missing or just misplaced)
15. big photo albums (as I’m planning to have some of my photos printed for posterity’s sake, haha)
16. leggings and jeggings (the comfort they give me makes me want to love them more than jeans)
17. couch (our rented apartment doesn’t have any, ouch – pun intended)
18. digital camera (I love my DSLR but a digital camera is lightweight and easy to bring anywhere)

That’s all I can think of right now. I’ll just add more in the coming days.

Thank you in advance, Santa! 🙂

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