Online Shopping for Boots

I got my first pair of boots online thru eBay UK. I can still vividly remember how the Customs officers at PhilPost-Lawton tried to charge me exorbitant tax fees as if I were claiming a dozen pairs of footwear. My experience at the post office left me traumatized. I promised myself the next time I purchase something online, I’d choose the door-to-door shipping option.

My boots, on the other hand, lasted only for two months. It was mid-calf and made of synthetic leather. To think I had only used it twice made my trip to the post office more regrettable.

While blog hopping this morning, I chanced upon this site called Lovely Shoes. It sells a wide variety of stylish shoes, bags and other accessories made in China. I checked out their online catalogue and fell in love with a pair of brown, flat boots.

Since I still had some Paypal money, I immediately signed up for an account with the shop and purchased the boots. But not before choosing TNT as shipping option. It’s a UK-based international courier service provider that has branches all over the world.

According to the Lovely Shoes site (, my boots will take a week to arrive. I’m quite excited already. Knowing that it’s going to be delivered right smack to my doorstep makes me wanna jump for joy. I only paid a few dollars more than what I’d usually pay for the dreaded registered mail (with the corrupt Customs officers as freebie). I wouldn’t trade this peace of mind I’m having re: this online purchase for anything else.

I’m just so glad I’m a better online shopper now.

P.S. I am definitely blogging about my new boots and my Lovely Shoes shopping experience soon. 🙂

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  1. hi i just wanted to know if you got taxed for this purchase at lovely shoes. i’m planning to buy 4 pairs from their site but the possible tax i might be charged of scares me. i bought a pair of shoes from wholesale dress worth $ 10 and got taxed 1150 pesos! so i’m guessing the 4 pairs would be even higher.

    1. No tax. The shoes were delivered right smack to my house. Choose TNT in the shipping options which is just a dollar more than the others. Hope that helps.

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