Christmas Bazaars are Love

Last Saturday, I finally started checking out bazaars with some blogger friends right after attending a blog event at Eastwood Mall. The other side of Eastwood called Citywalk was having this bazaar and I couldn’t stop looking around. I ended up getting several pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes. I spent close to P2,000 and at first I was wondering why I wasn’t regretting buying anything at all. I’m very frugal, you know. It must be because all the items I bought were dirt-cheap!

Good bazaars are like that. They won’t make you feel any regrets after shopping because you know you get value for your money. The goods are of high quality and the prices are very affordable. No sky-high prices thrown at your face, which I think makes shopping more fun and encourages shoppers to buy more. It’s never a bad thing because Christmas is just around the corner. We could always make use of the excesses to make the people dear to us happy, ayt?

Christmas bazaars are aplenty in the metro. But they follow certain schedules. If you want to get the hottest finds in them, make sure to know where and when they show up. Google is your best friend when it comes to stuff like this. Check out the complete schedule of bazaars in Metro Manila online and shop to your heart’s content. 🙂

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