On Bucket Lists and Number-of-Things-to-Do-Before-Reaching-this-Age Projects

My blog hopping the past days has enabled me to gain insights on things that preoccupy the mind of other bloggers at present. There’s this trend I spotted right on. Many of them have come up with a list of the things they want to do or accomplish within a specified timeline. While some call it a ‘bucket list,’ others call it a ‘ life project.’ But the goals are the same. They want to make a better person out of themselves by trying gutsy activities, experiencing unusual highs, accomplishing big things and engaging in extraordinary pursuits.

Somehow, I admire these bloggers because they are making a difference in their own lives:

1. Celine of www.30before30project.com

2. Dea of deaguwapa.com

3. Tara of www.chroniclesofvanity.com

I believe that it takes a lot of courage and determination to do something, much more if they are some bigger-than-life tasks. But life is full of surprises, we never know what will happen in the future. We never know what fate has in store for us. Seizing the moment is the way to go. By doing things we’ve always wanted to do or acquiring the things we’ve always wanted to have, we become more human and in touch of our existence.

May it be a list of things you want to accomplish before you die or before you reach a certain age, one thing remains to be true. We want to live our life to the fullest. We want to add purpose and meaning into our very existence. We want to be happy. We don’t want to have regrets in life. We want to try for the sake of trying, even if it could result to failures at some point. And I think these are the things that matter most.

I hope when the right time comes, I get to come up with my own list, too. For now, I’ll just concentrate my energies to the realization of my 2010 Christmas wishlist. 🙂

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