A Full-Packed Weekend, Kinda

So, the past weekend has been very engaging and fun for me. I participated in the Canon Photomarathon 2010 and spent the day eating, brisk walking and taking pictures with blogger friends Nicely (a.k.a my Superfriend), Arvin, JP, Alex and Vince. The three of us (Arvin, Nicely and me) even sneaked out of the venue late in the afternoon to take a peek into the Nido Science Discovery Center where we got free entrance and a personalized tour of the place courtesy of Arvin’s contact. I recommend this interactive science center to all kids and kids-at-heart. It’s very educational and entertaining.

On Sunday, I attended a blog event in the morning at Eton Centris Walk in Quezon Avenue. Along with fellow bloggers, we attended the soft opening of SIDCOR Weekend Market. It’s composed of 450 stalls, can you believe that? It’s that big. I have to say the concept is awesome. It has everything from organic produce and clothing to ceramic plates and pets. I was able to buy a nice skirt worth P180 only (so cheap!). I’m definitely going back there to shop for more interesting items.

After the event, I met up with the boyfriend at SM Manila for his gadget fix. We first had lunch at Tropical Hut (our fave stall at SM Foodcourt!) and then went window shopping. When we got home, I fell into a deep slumber. I initially wanted to just take a nap but I ended up sleeping until the next morning. Haha. I must had been exhausted. I couldn’t believe I skipped dinner because of that. But it was all worth it.

Indeed, it’s a full-packed weekend minus the sleeping part.

How about you, was your weekend as crazy and fun?

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