iPod Touch 4G is My 2010 All-Occasion Present

As an all-occasion present for this year, I got a sleek and shiny iPod Touch 4G from the boyfriend and his sister. The three of us have this small tradition where we give expensive gifts to each other yearly. We call it the all-occasion present. Yes, you read that right. It’s supposed to cover all the personal/group celebrations we’re having this year.

ipod touch
meet Chloe, my latest gadget acquisition!

Here’s how it applies: the first two givers pick a gift for the receiver and share in the cost of it. The cycle continues until all three of us have received our presents. Cool, ayt? Personally, I think it’s a great way of pampering myself with nice stuff while making two souls happy at the same time.

I’m starting to like my latest toy. One tech blog said the new iPod Touch 4G is like an iPhone 4 minus the phone. By that, it meant the two Apple gadgets have the same speed, retina display, 3-axis gyroscope (for motion tracking) and video capabilities. The two could also initiate voice and video contact through an application called Face Time. Though iPod Touch 4G only has a VGA camera, it’s still a welcome development since the old version didn’t have any.

The boyfriend was kind enough to sync the contents of his new iPhone 4 to my iTouch. It has all the contents of his iPhone, from music and apps to movies and other file downloads. All I have to do is delete the ones I don’t need and I’m good to go.

Right now, I’m busy installing apps to my iTouch from Apple’s App Store. Only the free ones though because I’m not the type who spends money for apps, unless I really, really like/need/lust over them. Nuff said.

Geee, this all-occasion present is the love! 🙂

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