New Fave Japanese Restaurant

My husband is a big fan of Japanese food. Seafood allergy aside, he tries to eat Japanese food as often as he can with eyes on the safe options. In Bacoor, there’s this tiny Japanese restaurant that we visit on weekends because 1) we like their food 2) we like their good service 3) we like the tiny but well-kept space 4) the food prices are so cheap and 5) it’s just a 5-minute car ride (or a good walking distance) from our place.


The name of the restaurant is Ume-ya. It’s located on Mambog Road, a few steps away from the Total gas station and the Jollibee store along Molino Boulevard. Ever since a blogger friend (who also lives in Bacoor) mentioned it on FB, we’ve dined there thrice already and have always been satisfied. I’m not really into Japanese food as I’m a Chinese food enthusiast but so far, I share these dishes with the hubby as favorites: kani salad, California maki, katsudon, beef teriyaki, and shoyu ramen.

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Busy Week

It’s Friday already but I’m still feeling very productive at work. You see, we had events left and right. Everyone in the office was busy. But surprisingly, we didn’t feel tired at all. We were energetic and happy despite all the pressure and the deadlines. Just what a positive attitude could do to a person!

Anyway, I’m really glad the work week ends today. It only means I’m having another great weekend. Hopefully, I could finish reading the book I’ve been reading for so long. And cook this dish that has been in my mind since last year. And clean up my closet. And do a lot more things.

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Change of Plans

Don’t you hate it when you have to change plans at the last minute? I do, especially if it’s weekend plans we’re talking about. I want my weekend to be as relaxing and fun as possible. I try to take as much rest as I could during the weekends. Weekends are almost sacred to me. Haha.

Last weekend, we were supposed to visit our family house in Naic to do some general cleaning. But because my parents had an errand to do, we had to re-schedule it to another date. Good thing another pleasant opportunity presented itself, for me at least. I was invited by my sister (the one with the new job) to go with her to a dinner event organized by their company for Saturday night. It was like a welcome party of sorts and each employee was asked to bring one companion. I asked where the venue was and when she told me it was at some resto inside Maxims Hotel, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation. I hadn’t been to that part of Resorts World Manila; I thought it was my chance to see a six-star hotel!

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An Eventful Week

Last week was loaded with happenings. It all started at the restaurant where I work part-time where we had big groups from Monday to Friday. I had to pass up on the Friday party, though, because that was the date I reserved a table for three at Sofitel’s Spiral for the boyfriend, his sister A and yours truly.


Though I’m quite familiar with the buffet setting in restaurants, it was my first time to have a Spiral buffet dinner. Oh boy was it overwhelming! I haven’t seen so much food in one place.

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