Change of Plans

Don’t you hate it when you have to change plans at the last minute? I do, especially if it’s weekend plans we’re talking about. I want my weekend to be as relaxing and fun as possible. I try to take as much rest as I could during the weekends. Weekends are almost sacred to me. Haha.

Last weekend, we were supposed to visit our family house in Naic to do some general cleaning. But because my parents had an errand to do, we had to re-schedule it to another date. Good thing another pleasant opportunity presented itself, for me at least. I was invited by my sister (the one with the new job) to go with her to a dinner event organized by their company for Saturday night. It was like a welcome party of sorts and each employee was asked to bring one companion. I asked where the venue was and when she told me it was at some resto inside Maxims Hotel, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation. I hadn’t been to that part of Resorts World Manila; I thought it was my chance to see a six-star hotel!


I would find out later that Maxims Hotel is a beautiful place filled with luxurious shops and expensive restaurants. As for the dinner event, we found ourselves treated to scrumptious Cantonese food at Passion Restaurant. Everything we ate there was as delicious as they looked. (Oh well, I’m biased to Chinese food, so don’t believe me 100%.) But yeah, If I had money to spare, I’d would have taken my family there pronto. I heard the price was on the expensive side.

On Sunday, the hubby and I just spent a lovely and relaxing day in our love nest in Bacoor. We slept and ate and cuddled a lot. We also did some household chores. As always, a thousand and one memories have been shared and stored in our hearts. I sooooo love weekends! 🙂

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