Heart Scare

I think I have the most paranoid and anxious husband in the world. Last Tuesday, he got super worried and nervous because of the heart palpitation he felt after every meal time which would go away on its own after several minutes. I seriously thought it would have gone away faster than that if he remained calm and didn’t overreact. I know heart palpitation is a serious matter (it could easily lead to a heart attack!) but reacting negatively to it by getting nervous and all never helps. At all.

After a quick medical check-up, we found out that it was due to the high potassium level in his blood. (A few weeks ago, he started to eat lots of bananas and apples for a healthier diet.) While potassium helps greatly in the proper functioning of the heart, high amounts of this blood electrolyte can cause palpitation to some people. According to the doctor, the fact that the palpitation is temporary and goes away on its own means it’s nothing serious. Oh, thank God for that.

But that didn’t end there. My husband had to be sure. So, on Wednesday after office, we went to The Medical City in SM Manila to get an ECG. (The procedure costs P530 there.) Would you believe I also did the test just to show support to the hubby? Haha. All in the name of love. When the results came out yesterday, we were relieved to find out that we both have healthy hearts. I guess the hubby should really just learn how to relax and keep his calm, especially in the matters of the heart (yes, the physical one). 🙂

People, let’s take good care of our hearts by eating the right food, doing cardio exercises and simply relaxing. If only healthy hearts can be easily purchased, like those moth traps from cleanertoday.com, then maybe we would no longer worry about heart ailments. But no, our hearts can only take so much damage. It can be replaced, yes, but it will never be the same again.

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