Weekend Report

We were supposed to spend the last weekend just at home with my in-laws. Our Saturday was fun, as usual. I am proud to say that the hubby and I, after finishing a few errands, slept the day away. We really thought we deserved some rest. Haha. We just let Mama and Papa and my SIL do their thing inside our home.

On Sunday, however, all that had to change because the hubby and I, along with my side of the family, got invited to attend the baptismal celebration of my cousin’s baby son. The hubby and I, along with my in-laws, then found ourselves heading back to Manila in the morning, attending the christening at noon and spending the night at my in-laws to prepare for work the next day.

Every weekend is different. Actually, I don’t care so long as it’s fun and memorable. I can’t wait for what the next weekend will bring. Have a great day, people! 🙂

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