Low-Cost Housing in Cavite

I’m a proud owner of a low-cost housing unit in Cavite. It’s actually my gift to my parents who are currently living there. I chose a low-cost house over an expensive one for practical reason. I’d rather go for a low-cost house that I could finish paying for than an expensive one that could end up in the hands of the bank at a slight twist of fate.

a low-cost housing neighborhood in Cavite

Slowly, we are improving the structure and the interiors of the house by introducing repairs here and there. So far, we’re done with tile flooring and back extension and we also bought some furnishings and home appliances to make life easier for our parents. We have more home improvement projects lined up, but we’re doing it one project at a time.

Whoever said that low-cost housing is not a good investment must be out of his mind. For people like us, it’s a dream come true to have our own house. For people like us, it’s never the price and the size of the house that matter, but the value we put into the house and the kind of people who live in it.

If you’re looking for a low-cost housing unit in Cavite, particularly in Naic, Cavite, drop me a line at dwindle18(at)gmail(dot)com. I might just be of help to you in getting your own low-cost house.

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  1. please inform me how much it cost for the house ,Me and my husband are planning to buy house and lot but our budget can’t afford higher prices…so we go for low-cost housing. Hope you could gave me more info about each unit. Thank you

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