Weekend Story: Making Time to be Home

Last weekend flew by swiftly. The hubby and I drove to Bacoor on Friday night with a stop over at S&R Baclaran to buy supplies. We would then spend the entire Saturday and most of Sunday at home. We only went out when we heard the mass on Sunday morning and bought some more supplies at the Robinsons supermarket near our village. These past weekends, we’ve been hooked on our smart TV. (We use it alternately: he browses Netflix while I turn to this cool site online for my movie fix; when I’m in front of the TV, he’s with our iPad and vice versa.) I also started crocheting again because I noticed that my yarn supplies were already collecting dust under the bed where I placed them, haha. I hope to finish my new crochet project (using a stitch I just learned) in the coming weeks.
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Weekend Story: Biking, High School Reunion, and Some Family Time

Last weekend passed by so quickly. I thought we didn’t have enough time to rest and be with family. But I guess that’s one great reason to look forward to the coming weekend. Yay!

On Saturday, the hubby and I biked at Mall of Asia (MOA) in the morning. I missed our Saturday morning ride for a few times already and I thought it was about time I join him again lest my biking groove goes away for good. My weight loss progress remains zero as of present time so I need to exert more effort in it. Biking is a form of exercise and I enjoy the activity a lot so I feel that I should do it more regularly.

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Do You Have a Budget for Dining Out?

One random day, I bumped into an old friend at the mall and we got to chat for a few minutes. She mentioned how she gets updated on my married life thru Facebook. She also made a remark on how the hubby and I get to dine out twice, and sometimes even thrice a week. It sounded like she was amazed with our love for food, and at the same time, how easy we get to finance those food trips. I replied to her with a smile, “Paminsan minsan lang yun, pag may extra money.” That conversation made me think about our budget for dining out. Do I even have a separate budget for that purpose in the first place?

dining out
Image Source: http://money.cnn.com

To be honest, we love to try out new restaurants but we don’t set aside money for it. A dining out fund? No, nada, zilch. The money we spend for eating out comes from our weekly budget. (The hubby and I both receive our salary on a weekly basis so a weekly budget is a must for us.) It covers our daily needs: food, toiletries and other miscellaneous expenses. So if sometimes, we don’t have extra bath soap or toothpaste in our Bacoor home or we’re eating canned goods on a weekend, that’s because we’ve already spent our money on a nice dinner at some inexpensive restaurant. Funny, but true. Haha.

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Weekend Story: MOA Date and Homebody Activities

Last weekend, the hubby and I spent Saturday night at Mall of Asia (MOA) for some couple time. We already had dinner at my in-laws’ place (we couldn’t resist my MIL’s chicken and pork adobo!) so we just had late night snacks there: DQ ice cream in our fave flavors, Jamaican patties, and cheesy corn kernels in a cup. Yummy!

our MOA view last Saturday night

When Sunday came, we practically stayed home. We went out for the usual trip to the wet market, but that was all. While I’m more of a homebody than the hubby, he also enjoys the warmth, joy and pleasures of being at home on occasions like this.

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