Weekend Story: Embracing Simplicity

Last weekend was quiet and simple. We stayed home to rest. We went out of the house to do some errands and unwind a bit. We spent time with my extended family. We took care of and were amused by Jasper our pet dog. It was kinda fun and invigorating.

I just love simple weekends. I actually don’t like making many weekend plans. I prefer going with the flow or just following where the hubby wants to go. I get excited with spontaneous trips to places I haven’t been to. But as much as possible, I want to limit my activities to going to the wet market and cooking, activities I enjoy doing most. I also enjoy cleaning up my stuff (read: decluttering) but it’s something I want to prepare for, mentally and physically, so I could give my best to it and see good results.

Lately, I’ve been contemplating on simplifying more things at home and in my life. Simplicity is really the way to go for me. I get lazy just thinking about complicating things, hahaha. Making decisions can be stressful. I realize that the less choices I have, the faster I get things done. But this doesn’t mean the quality of the output has to suffer, if you know what I mean. But I digress.

Here are a few photos from our weekend:

outside the church before attending the anticipated mass with the hubby

That Saturday night, we discovered this burger joint near our place that serves good burgers at dirt-cheap prices. Imagine, all these food for Php204!

our take-out food from Don Jar Boodle Big Burgers

The burger patty and the bun used were just okay. It was the dressing that was the real stand-out here. It was creamy and tasty (hindi tinipid ang mayo!) and had a hint of mustard, methinks. It made the burger taste somewhat gourmet. We’re glad that Bacoor, and our other neighbor towns in Cavite, is peppered with small restaurants like this burger joint that serve good and affordable food!

siniguelas — one of the fruits I enjoyed during childhood and continue to enjoy today during summer!

my sister Jodie and Mame (a.k.a. crispy pata monster) during our dinner Velenica’s Kitchen in Imus 😛

Have a pleasant week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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