Another Line Increase from Citibank (And How I Reacted to It)

For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel happy after knowing that Citibank has just given me a line increase. I used to get excited whenever I’d get a surprise like this from credit card companies. I remember when I first landed a job after college, all I wanted to do was apply for a credit card. I even jumped for joy when I received my very first! Haha. (Obviously, I know better now.)

line increase
excerpt from the email I received from Citibank

From P45,000, my card’s credit limit is now P55,000. For some people who have cards with credit limit as high as P100,000 or more, this amount is small. But I guess I’m okay with a small credit limit. (My first card only had P15,000.) I’ve never really bothered to ask for a bigger credit limit even if I’m very much qualified now with my higher annual income.

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Freedom from Debts

I remember early this year, I told myself (and probably shared in this blog) that I wanted to be debt-free. No, not just me, but my husband as well. We have some credit card debts that need immediate financial attention. I’ve heard of other people’s horrible stories on credit card debts and while we’re far from credit card-related trouble, I can’t imagine ourselves getting into the same situation. It’s like it’s gonna be the end of the world for me.

I noticed that in the past two years, a good chunk of our supposed-to-be savings just went to our credit card obligations. I know there’s nobody else to blame but us. We made a lot of impulsive purchases (I once bought tons of cheap postcards just because they were on sale!) and spent money before it even came. Truly, a bad spending habit that needs to be curbed before it’s too late.

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BPI Credit Card Promo Gives You Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen and Taco Bell Treats!

I know this is a bit late, but as they say, better late than never. Calling all BPI credit cardholders, BPI is giving you more free treats from three restaurants under the Pizza Hut Group in exchange for your charge slips! This particular promo is up until May 7, 2011. All you need to do is shop, shop and shop. Show your charge slips to the participating establishment and you instantly get entitled to a free treat or two.

The boyfriend and his sister A are both BPI cardholders and whenever there is promo like this, I automatically get included in the fun. Sometimes, the free treats even come from my own purchases using their credit cards. Haha. To know what treats are in store for you from this exciting BPI credit card promo, just click after the jump…

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