Another Line Increase from Citibank (And How I Reacted to It)

For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel happy after knowing that Citibank has just given me a line increase. I used to get excited whenever I’d get a surprise like this from credit card companies. I remember when I first landed a job after college, all I wanted to do was apply for a credit card. I even jumped for joy when I received my very first! Haha. (Obviously, I know better now.)

line increase
excerpt from the email I received from Citibank

From P45,000, my card’s credit limit is now P55,000. For some people who have cards with credit limit as high as P100,000 or more, this amount is small. But I guess I’m okay with a small credit limit. (My first card only had P15,000.) I’ve never really bothered to ask for a bigger credit limit even if I’m very much qualified now with my higher annual income.

This is the second line increase I got from Citibank after receiving my credit card in October 2012. Just like the first time, I didn’t ask for it as I’m already content with what they provide me. They just emailed me about it which made it official. I didn’t feel a tinge of joy, though. It must be because I’m doing a shopping fast and I’m determined to make it a success!

But still, thank you Citibank! Though I’ll be using my card lesser and lesser now, I truly appreciate the sweet gesture. 🙂

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