Additional Credit Limit from Citibank

Just the other day, I received an email from Citibank informing me that my credit limit has been increased once again. From P55,000, it’s now P80,000. Again, I didn’t ask for it, they just willingly gave it to me like in my previous line increase. Was it because I’m a responsible cardholder now? Yes, probably. Or maybe, they just want to lure me into spending more. Well, good luck to them because that won’t happen!

email excerpt from Citibank

Ever since I became credit card debt-free, I’ve been paying my credit card dues in full. After learning the hard way how credit card companies make money, I started to take my credit card spending seriously. I want to give them as little profit as possible by being a responsible cardholder now.

Did you know that credit card companies make so much money from revolvers? They are cardholders who pay only a part of their dues instead of making a full payment. Their debts increase over time and before they know it, they’re already heavily indebted. It has happened to me before but I was able to turn things around through hard work and a lot of self-control. So definitely, I won’t let this thing to happen to me again. Promise.

Soon, I’d like to write about why I still use a credit card and why having just one (my Citibank Cebu Pacific credit card that has no annual fee for life) has proven to be the best option for me. 🙂

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  1. uy, ang taas ng credit limit mo. They do that kapag good standing ka, automatic increase. More chances din of spending more syempre kita for them. I don’t have a credit card. Siguro ok na din kasi una, i’m afraid na baka mapagastos at ayoko din kasi ng may utang kaya siguro ganun. May mga advantages and disadvantages din pag may credit card.

    Sigurado ako nakaka tempt talaga gumastos pag may ganyang credit card. Pero i know kaya mong iwasan ang temptation na yan Edel, isipin nalang ang goal natin, hehe!

    1. I wish I can live without credit card, just like you do. Siguro in the future debit card na lang, but for now convenient kasi for me ang may isang credit card, isa lang naman para manageable sya, hehe. Tama Joy, laging isipin ang goal natin! 🙂

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