Weekend Story: Puzzle Mansion and Mushroomburger, Tagaytay

Last Saturday, the hubby and I drove up to Tagaytay to meet with his high school BFF Jeff and his family. They were staying at One Tagaytay Place for the weekend to celebrate the birthday of his wife Karen. The initial plan was to dip in the hotel’s pool and have merienda after but we ended up visiting a puzzle museum which turned out to be more fun.

puzzle here, puzzle there, puzzles everywhere!

Puzzle Mansion is literally filled with puzzles. Did you know that the world’s largest puzzle collection owned by a Filipina named Gina Gil Lacuna is housed there? I bet you did because it was all over the news in 2012 after it was certified by the Guiness Book of World Records.





high school BFFs Jeff and Edwin (a.k.a. the hubby)

Anyway, the puzzle museum is a great place to take your children to when in Tagaytay. Entrance fee is at P100 per head. At present, they even have a bed and breakfast there at reasonable rates for people who want to stay longer. Jeff and Karen’s two boys sure had a fun time checking out puzzles of various colors, shapes and sizes.

From the Puzzle Mansion, we headed straight to Mushroomburger for merienda as suggested by yours truly. It was the young family’s first time there and judging from their empty plates, I think they liked the food there. During this particular visit, what had my attention were the mushroom fries which were both crispy and yummy. They came with the cheese burger meal I ordered. And of course, Mushroomburger’s new ice cream dessert that could give McDonald’s McFlurry a run for its money!

mushroom fries are those brown edibles opposite the French fries while ice cream dessert is the one beside the burger

After dropping of Jeff’s family at their hotel, we went home in Bacoor already. I asked the hubby to let me drive the car going home and he obliged. It was my first time to drive along the busy Aguinaldo highway, so thank God we got home safely. I know my husband still gets nervous whenever I’m behind the wheels. He’ll get over it sooner or later. Haha. 🙂

10 Replies to “Weekend Story: Puzzle Mansion and Mushroomburger, Tagaytay”

  1. My son would go crazy over there! He loves puzzles and he has eleventy million puzzles at home. Fine by me because it would keep him tame for hours. LOL

    1. Yes, that’s for sure. Wow, that’s a lot of puzzles! Haha, you’re really a cool and funny mom, Jhanis! 🙂

  2. i saw online nga na magandang pumunta dyan and i heard din good reviews about mushroomburger. Marami ng beses kami pumasyal sa tagaytay, hopefully makapasyal din kami dyan. =)

    1. Yes, medyo matarik lang yung daan pero maganda yung place, good for taking photos, well-maintained at saka yun nga, mag-eenjoy ang mga kids sa dami ng puzzles. 🙂

  3. PS I haven’t tried Mushroom Burger. I heard mixed reviews about it, but being a burger addict.. dana matry at magustuhan ko 🙂

    1. Di ko alam na mixed reviews pala ang Mushroomburger, pag kami kasi, gusto namin burgers nila saka mura pa, plus point yun samin eh, hehe. 🙂

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