Shopping Fast: February Report

Note: I started my self-imposed shopping ban on January 1, 2014. I made it official online through this post, and called it a “shopping fast.” I also shared there the reasons why I took the challenge and laid down some rules to guide me while on it.

Shopping Fast: January Report

I think I deserve a reward because I finished February without shopping. Wohooo! It wasn’t easy, though. I had to resist all those shining, shimmering and splendid things I saw in the malls. I’m just so proud of myself. Haha.

Anyway, January passed by really fast that I didn’t have time to get tempted to shop. February, on the other hand, was a little slow. And Valentine’s Day was there to put shopping in spotlight again. Good thing we celebrated it late by having a double date with my parents in Tagaytay. It was more on eating and sight-seeing so I didn’t have to guard myself from buying anything fancy.

I need to be honest, though. I acquired something new this month. But before I see any raised eye brows out there, let me clarify that it was a gift from my husband. I dunno if it’s already his anniversary gift to me (because our 2nd wedding anniversary is on March 17 already!). He said nothing when I asked him. Perhaps, it’s just a no-occasion gift that he suddenly wanted to spoil me with? So sweet of you, dahling! Haha. Seriously, thank you so much for my cool watch.

my Seiko 5 watch in silver, bought by the hubby on February 28 (I like my watch big and sturdy!)

Oh, and there’s one more which I remembered just now! A pair of flats that served as my mother’s post-Valentine’s Day gift to me (thanks again, Mame!). I actually mentioned this when I blogged about our recent mom-daughter bonding here.

my nude flats with studs, bought by my mom on February 16

There you go, my February report. Here’s to hoping that the coming months will be just as easy as this month when it comes to banning shopping in my simple life! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, sis! Halos araw araw ko yan suot sa opis last year, ayun worn-out na. But I’d say it has served its purpose well. Sulit na sulit na ang binayad. 🙂

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