Intention to Drive

After getting my student driver’s permit from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) a few weeks ago, I finally signed up for driving lessons at A1 Driving School last Sunday night. The branch I went to was the one at SM City Manila. I am scheduled to take orientation lectures this Saturday and driving proper next Saturday. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time!


What if I don’t learn how to drive at the end of my lessons? (It’s gonna be a waste of money!) What if I don’t get along with my driving instructor? (There’s a slim chance for this because I don’t bite naman.) I know they are just petty concerns but still, I’m a bit worried. I really want to learn how to drive a car, though. And if Edel wants, Edel gets. I can do this!

Wish me luck, people! I’ll start to pray really hard over this new challenge in my life tonight. 🙂

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    1. Ayos naman. Natuto naman, hehe. Actually, I already have a temporary license from LTO and I can’t wait to claim my card! Aral ka na rin, sis! 🙂

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