A Shopping Fast

I started 2014 without shopping and have continued doing so until now. Well, except for the Asahi convection oven that I bought last Saturday which was actually a product of a trade-in. (The money I used for it came from the sales of the portable sewing machine I had sold with the help of my superfriend Nice.) This only means I’m on a sort of shopping fast. You know, instead of skipping food, I’m skipping shopping.

shopping fast
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With the kind of discipline and motivation I have right now when it comes to this self-imposed shopping ban, I think I can make a shopping fast possible this year. (I thought if I wanna embrace minimalism someday, I better start one baby step at a time, one activity that promotes minimalism at a time.) So I decided to make it official today. I need to set some rules, though. And so far, here are what I’ve thought of:

1. I am not allowed to shop for clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories.
2. I can buy food and grocery and household items.
3. I can buy gifts for my loved ones and friends during special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
4. I can dine out.
5. The hubby isn’t part of this shopping fast.

I plan to do this shopping fast until November 30, 2014. You might ask why until November 30th only. That’s because by December 1st, I need to shop to buy Christmas presents for my loved ones and myself. Fair enough, right? 🙂

This shopping challenge has been done by a lot of people already (mostly in the United States where consumerism is at its best) and they were successful so there’s no reason I can’t be.

P.S. I will post a monthly update so I could document the progress of this shopping challenge.

UPDATE: My shopping fast was a SUCCESS! You can follow my monthly reports here to learn how I did it:

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