Shopping Fast: November Report

Note: I started my self-imposed shopping ban on January 1, 2014. I made it official online through this post, and called it a “shopping fast.” I also shared there the reasons why I took the challenge and laid down some rules to guide me while on it.

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Yesterday marked the end of my shopping fast. This 11-month long challenge has turned out to be a success. Yes, friends, I did it! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for all the words of encouragement and praise. In your own little way, you have inspired me to go on and win. Again, thanks to you!

November flew by very swiftly. It’s the first day of December today and I can already feel my hands itching. Itching to shop for Christmas! Haha.

Anyway, lemme report to you the only item that has been added to my list of accumulated stuff:

it’s more beautiful in the flesh!

This bag was given to me as pasalubong by my cousin who’s based in Japan. It was supposed to be included in my May report but I just got hold of it in November when my parents went to our province for Undas and subsequently picked up this bag from my cousin’s parent’s place there. I actually blogged about it here.

Whew! I’m just so glad this challenge is over. I can’t believe I finished it without breaking any rules. I really learned a lot from this challenge and I’m dedicating an entire blog post for all my realizations. Please watch out for that. I promise you it’s going to be a good read. 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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