Shopping Fast: September Report

Note: I started my self-imposed shopping ban on January 1, 2014. I made it official online through this post, and called it a “shopping fast.” I also shared there the reasons why I took the challenge and laid down some rules to guide me while on it.

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September has started and ended. My shopping fast challenge still stands. Two more months and I’m done with this. Whew!

Again, I was able to resist shopping the entire September. It’s actually getting easier and easier. I’ve said before that material things don’t appeal to me that much anymore. It’s true. Nowadays, when I see a nice item, I appreciate its beauty but it stops right there. I don’t fall in love or get fascinated enough for me to buy it.

I still want things, though. I still check out my fave shops in the mall. I still browse online shopping sites. But just because I want something doesn’t mean I’d buy it. I always get reminded of my goal. Of this shopping fast I’m doing!

I’d like to report that I did acquire something last month. It was a Lacoste bag which was my advance birthday gift from the hubby. And I actually expect to receive more presents this month as I celebrate my birthday on the 12th. Haha. You’ll see everything when I publish my October report.

Thank you, September, for passing by so swiftly. I almost didn’t notice. 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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