Birthday Presents for Family Members

The month of October is extra special to me and my family. On this month, we celebrate not just my birthday but the birthday of the hubby, my sister Nyam, my father and my grandfather (+). Add to that the birthdays of my best friend in the province and my good friend from high school.

We’re all going to be a year older and hopefully, wiser as well, this month. Like my mom who has recently been a certified senior citizen (and is super proud of it!), I’m not afraid to tell the world of my age. I’m going to be 31 soon!

Since I’m allowed to shop for gifts (according to my shopping fast rules!), I might go shopping soon. And because I already bought in advance the hubby’s birthday present, I’m buying just two more gifts for the following persons: my sister Nyam and my father.

Nyam is quite vain, so I’m thinking of giving her some nice cosmetics. My father, on the other hand, is easy to please. He has recently gone back to walking around the neighborhood and I plan to buy him a new pair of running shoes. I heard Zalora Philippines is currently having a shoes sale. Check out this online shop to find Reebok shoes. I wonder, though, if my father would like to wear Reebok shoes as he seems to be favoring Adidas and Nike more.

If I get lazy, though, I’ll just give them cash. Just so they know. Haha. 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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  1. it looks like you have an awful lot of shopping to do :). retail therapy works wonders for your mood esp. if you have an unlimited budget for it.

    1. Haha, yes dear, quite expensive! Add to that the expenses for the birthday celebrations themselves. But it’s okay, birthdays are a milestone and happen only once a year. Plus, we can always have simple but fun parties. 🙂

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