Birthday Presents for Family Members

The month of October is extra special to me and my family. On this month, we celebrate not just my birthday but the birthday of the hubby, my sister Nyam, my father and my grandfather (+). Add to that the birthdays of my best friend in the province and my good friend from high school.

We’re all going to be a year older and hopefully, wiser as well, this month. Like my mom who has recently been a certified senior citizen (and is super proud of it!), I’m not afraid to tell the world of my age. I’m going to be 31 soon!

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Review: My Zalora Online Shopping Experience

Zalora is a local online shopping site. I had the chance of trying out its services last Monday and would like to share my shopping experience with you today. To be honest, what made me excited to shop at Zalora was the P500 voucher I received after signing up for their online newsletter. (I think I saw a link somewhere, got curious and suddenly decided to find out what the fuzz was all about.)

Zalora site’s screenshot

Zalora has a decent site. It looks a bit crowded but is quite navigable and user-friendly. There are categories provided to guide you when shopping. But first, to be able to shop, I registered an account with them. Then I started browsing through my catalog of choice. I ended up getting a maternity dress and a pair of flats to go with it.

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