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I tweaked this blog’s layout yesterday and came up with something smart and beautiful. If you’d notice in the menu above, I now have several items other than the old About, Blogroll and Privacy Policy pages. The additions include the following: Shopping Fast, Personal Finance, Weekend Stories, Frugal Finds and Cooking with Edel. They contain posts featuring those exact stuff or something related to them. I’ve seen many blogs with the same custom menu and I found it cool and interactive so I adopted the idea. Haha. In other blogs, these are what you’ll get when you click on the “Category” section.

custom menu
screenshot of my blog with the custom menu

This blog runs on WordPress (self-hosted) but uses a free WordPress theme. (I’ve yet to get a customized layout, but we’ll see about that in the future.) I was able to customize the menu easily after a little googling. What I did was I opened my dashboard, clicked the “Menu” under the “Appearance” section and added the menu links and titles one by one. Et voila, I now have a customized menu!

Please feel free to browse through the posts I wrote based on the menu title that interests you. Under the “Shopping Fast,” you’ll read posts about the shopping challenge I took just this year and my monthly reports documenting my progress there. On “Personal Finance,” you’ll find posts I’ve written about money, savings and finances in general. The “Weekend Stories” tells, obviously, how I spend the weekends with my husband and sometimes, with members of our respective families. On “Frugal Finds,” check out the goods and services I raved about or found worthy of my hard-earned money. And then of course, “Cooking with Edel” where I share easy peasy recipes that this domestic goddess wannabe gets to cook during her free time.

I plan to add more to the menu but I think those are enough for now. 🙂

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