Cooking with Edel: Cheesy Corned Beef

Canned goods are my life saver. Whenever I’m not in the mood to do some serious cooking, like I was tonight, I turn to canned goods for immediate relief. One of my faves is Purefoods Corned Beef. Compared to other corned beef brands, it has chunkier meat and the quality is better.


Normally, I just sauté corned beef with onions for some stir-fried goodness or add some potatoes and water for a saucy and filling corned beef dish. Earlier in the kitchen, though, instead of just sautéing it with onions, I added some syrup to help caramelize the onions (honey is better), some garlic, some fresh tomatoes and quickmelt cheese. It was based from a recipe featured in a blog post I saw somewhere (sorry, I can’t seem to locate the site now). I also added some black pepper and dried oregano, just before turning off the heat, for more flavor. No need to add salt anymore because the corned beef is already loaded with sodium and the cheese is already salty on its own.

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Cooking for my Husband

While I can cook, I know my cooking skills are very limited. I could actually count with my two fingers the number of gourmet dishes I can whip up. (I’m more into home-cooked meals, you know.) And if I were to judge my own cooking, they only fall into two categories: hit and miss.

But that’s not really the point of this post.

All I want to say is that ever since I got married, I’ve been enjoying cooking for my husband. Not only do I get to have more kitchen experiments, I also get to find out his favorite dishes without even asking him. Now, if a husband’s appreciation for his wife’s cooking is to be measured by how much he eats, then I can proudly say that the hubby loves my cooking very much!

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Fun Saturday

Weekend at home is always fun. Like this Saturday when the workers are still here finishing our back extension which now serves as our kitchen. I saw the improvements last night and was really pleased. I didn’t know such a small space would transform into something beautiful. A small kitchen that has all the basic things a domestic goddess to-be would need. Just lovely.

The hubby’s family are here with us, too. That means the house is more alive than ever. My MIL is currently busy cooking our lunch. I got spared from cooking, yay! My FIL is talking with the workers while my one and only SIL is busy tinkering with her new Blackberry phone. And me? I’m in front of the PC documenting what’s happening around me at this point in time. Haha.

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