Cooking for my Husband

While I can cook, I know my cooking skills are very limited. I could actually count with my two fingers the number of gourmet dishes I can whip up. (I’m more into home-cooked meals, you know.) And if I were to judge my own cooking, they only fall into two categories: hit and miss.

But that’s not really the point of this post.

All I want to say is that ever since I got married, I’ve been enjoying cooking for my husband. Not only do I get to have more kitchen experiments, I also get to find out his favorite dishes without even asking him. Now, if a husband’s appreciation for his wife’s cooking is to be measured by how much he eats, then I can proudly say that the hubby loves my cooking very much!

What I like more about him is that he is never choosy when it comes to food and never forgets to thank me for cooking his meal right after eating. I mean, while it’s my duty as a wife to feed him with decent meals, I could use an expression of praise or gratitude to inflate the ego of the domestic goddess in me once in a while. 🙂

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