Weekend Story: Two Christmas Get-Togethers, A Visit to St. Pio Shrine and A Quick Trip to Divisoria

Last weekend was epic. I had lots of fun and laughter and shared stories and happy memories with the people that matter to me. How I wish this long holiday break won’t end so I’d have the luxury of time to meet up with more people!

On Saturday, I attended two Christmas get-togethers — one with my college friends and the other with my former office colleagues. Both were fun and memorable. I really had a great time.

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No Beach Escapades for Me This Summer…

…or so I think. Why? Because it’s been a few weeks since summer arrived but I have yet to see the beach. No, not even a shadow of it. Our plan to go on an out-of-town trip for the Holy Week fizzled out due to conflict of interests. With only a month and a few days before summer ends, I don’t think I can still plan another summer getaway. So yeah, I think I am bound to not see the 3S (sand, sun and sea). I guess I’d just have to make do with the nearest resort. Or go out more often than normal wearing my summer clothes and shades. Currently, I enjoy wearing one of the two old pairs of Ray Bans I own. It’s just the basic one but I find it very useful in protecting my eyes from the sun. Plus, it looks good on me in photos.

Despite the lack of beach trips, I am blessed to be given the opportunities to attend several fun blogger events. My last was this food tasting at the Flying Pig in Eastwood. I always have a great time talking with fellow bloggers while learning and enjoying new things. Oh well, I better stop complaining now. I’m still lucky, after all, having these things to keep me busy. And happy, too.

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Wednesday Night at Eastwood, Libis

Eastwood, a posh hang-out place in Libis, Quezon City, is far from my place. To give you an idea on how far it is from where I live, the normal taxi fare goes at around P150 one way. That’s the reason why whenever I get the chance to go there, I jump at the opportunity. Last night, I was lucky to have been invited by a blogger friend to try the offerings of the Flying Pig, one of the hip restaurants under the Red Crab chain. They serve mostly pork dishes and I was glad I went because I had a great time feasting on savory pork dishes that were far from ordinary.


Eastwood is a lovely place that looks very upscale to me. Each time I go there, I wander around like a kid. I like that the main mall, Eastwood Mall, is surrounded by nice-looking establishments (bars, cafes, restaurants, gadget shops, boutiques, etc.) as well as high-rise condominiums and office buildings. There’s also a big fountain in front of the mall that’s good for picture taking. I love that my photos taken there appear as if I was in a foreign country. I also noticed that it seems independent from the rest of Quezon City (slums, bad traffic and all). People who frequent the place will certainly understand what I mean by that.

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