Weekend Story: Two Christmas Get-Togethers, A Visit to St. Pio Shrine and A Quick Trip to Divisoria

Last weekend was epic. I had lots of fun and laughter and shared stories and happy memories with the people that matter to me. How I wish this long holiday break won’t end so I’d have the luxury of time to meet up with more people!

On Saturday, I attended two Christmas get-togethers — one with my college friends and the other with my former office colleagues. Both were fun and memorable. I really had a great time.

I had lunch with my college friends (superf Nice, Charry and Ronie) at La Cocina de Tita Moning (LCDTM). Since I work there part-time as a tour guide, booking a table for us was a breeze. I was the one who chose our food and I was glad they liked everything. My kind boss, upon knowing that we were dining at the restaurant that day, even gave us a 50% discount to my enormous delight!

with my college buddies

LCDTM’s Lengua Cooked in White Wine is melt-in-your-mouth tender!

LCDTM’s Paella Valenciana is the best in town!

Bread and Butter Pudding is our one of a kind, best-seller dessert at LCDTM!

We had a chikahan galore. It was nice to know we’re all enjoying a better life today. We have also matured a lot when it comes to our views in life and in managing our finances. Charry, for instance, is also into stock market investing and aspires to be a registered financial planner (RFP) next year.

When dinnertime came, the hubby and I drove to Podium in Mandaluyong to meet up with my former boss and my former officemates.

long table for our big group!

The venue of our get-together was Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza where we feasted on delightful pizza and scrumptious pasta made from the freshest ingredients. I sooooo loved their Fresh Burrata with Bread, Prosciutto Pizza and Salted Cream Pasta! The best!

sooooo love this fresh burrata’s delicate texture and subtle flavor!

sprinkled with this spicy honey, Gino’s Prosciutto Pizza is the bomb!

Gino’s Salted Cream Pasta FTW!

It was nice to see everyone again and get updated with their lives. My former boss was even looking better than the last time we saw her. She got terribly sick early this year. She went into coma for a few weeks, woke up and got bed-ridden for a few months. Now she’s almost fully recovered! Sounds like a miracle? I believe it is! She’s a good person and deserves to spend a longer time on earth to be with her family.

My Sunday morning was spent hearing mass at St. Pio of Pietrelcina Shrine in Eastwood, Q.C.

one fine Sunday morning inside St. Pio complex

At mid-afternoon, I accompanied the hubby to SM Manila to buy some wireless microphone set for my FIL. Then we, along with my sister Jodie, had a quick trip to Divisoria for a little shopping. He wanted some new shirts while my sister and I looked for Christmas tokens to be given to our friends and officemates.

Divisoria, as usual, was still filled with people during our visit. We got away from the shopping madness only after two hours. But not before eating dimsum for dinner courtesy of our Binondo favorite Wai Ying:


Did I mention I scored a nice dress from the popular Juana boutique? I so love this P350-beauty! 🙂


Are you also having Christmas parties/get-togethers left and right? Kwento naman dyan! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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15 Replies to “Weekend Story: Two Christmas Get-Togethers, A Visit to St. Pio Shrine and A Quick Trip to Divisoria”

  1. Jam-packed weekend! Ang saya naman 🙂 This is actually what I love about the holiday break. Although years ago, I would always take the lead of organising everything for my different set of friends. But somewhere along the way, napagod at nagsawa na ako. Medyo mahirap din mag match ng schedule of everyone.

    Haven’t tried Wai Ying but I encountered an article relating that it is one of must places to visit in Binondo.

    I also love Juana!!! Value for money malaga sila 🙂

    1. Korek, mahirap talaga pag isang tao lang ang nag-eeffort sa mga get-togethers. Thank you for FB messenger, so far successful ang mga get-togethers namin dahil andun lahat nag-uusap. Hehe. Yes, you should try Wai Ying!!!!

      P.S. I will be back to Divi for Juana. 🙂

  2. Naku, nakakatakam! You really had a great Christmas weekend! And I super duper love that dress. I’ve been looking for a tunic but hindi ko keri ang price nya sa boutiques!

  3. I have been reading a lot of raves for La Cocina de Tita Moning. I think I should give it a try one of these days. I miss going to St. Pio Chapel and Wai Ying, too! Haha!

    P.S. Ikaw nagsabi sa’kin about My Kitchen in Paco, right? May ongoing deal sila sa Deal Grocer. Bumili ako ng voucher para matry ko rin! 🙂


    1. Yes sis, please do try it this 2015. Haha. And right, ako nga nagsabi sayo about My Kitchen, I look forward to reading what you will have to say about it. 🙂

  4. that lengua… hahaha looks lip smacking good! and i miss divisoria!! the only place i can shop without feeling massively guilty afterwards

    1. I agree on both. That lengua is addicting. Divi doesn’t make me feel massively guilty after shopping, either. Apir tayo, sis! 🙂

  5. Nice dress Edel! At ang mga food naman talaga… dami ko din nakain nung holiday, yan ang pinaka mahirap iwasan ang pagkain at drooling palagi sa food posts mo! Waahh!

    Happy New year! =)

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