On Making Checklists

I used to rely on my sharp memory in getting tasks done. I noticed, though, that as I get older, my memory gets poorer and poorer and my attention span, shorter and shorter. This is where to-do lists or better yet, checklists, come in handy.

Image Source: http://www.ncas.rutgers.edu/pre-healthtimeline

My work in the office requires me to remember things. Part of my job is doing secretarial tasks for my boss (EA lang ang peg!) which means I need to take note of her many commands and requests. In order to deliver outputs and reduce failures, I’ve thought of listing down the tasks I need to finish, from the urgent ones to those with flexible deadlines.

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Goal No.5: Complete 10 DIY Projects

I have this undesirable habit of starting things and not getting anything finished. In my native tongue, it’s called ‘ningas kugon.’ Incidentally, this is a common trait among Pinoys which often leads us to mediocrity and failures. This year is the perfect opportunity for change. Change has to come from within oneself and so, I have decided to remove this bad habit from my system by including it in my 2011 goals.

I believe that changes start in small steps. I’ll start with completing 10 DIY projects this year. It could be anything creative such as decorating our house, sewing the holes in my clothes, cleaning my closet and the likes. So long as I get artsy and feel a sense of fulfillment after working on the project, it will be counted.

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