On Making Checklists

I used to rely on my sharp memory in getting tasks done. I noticed, though, that as I get older, my memory gets poorer and poorer and my attention span, shorter and shorter. This is where to-do lists or better yet, checklists, come in handy.

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My work in the office requires me to remember things. Part of my job is doing secretarial tasks for my boss (EA lang ang peg!) which means I need to take note of her many commands and requests. In order to deliver outputs and reduce failures, I’ve thought of listing down the tasks I need to finish, from the urgent ones to those with flexible deadlines.

Checklists are a very effective organizing tool especially when you follow it to the dot. Nowadays, I don’t just get things done at work, I also get to remind my boss of the things she needs to do at the right time. I think that makes me an efficient employee and my boss, happy. Or so I assume. Haha.

But seriously, creating checklists makes my work life easier. By the way, I use the manual one that’s written on paper. Old school, I know. As for my personal errands, I keep notes in my phone and this is when I benefit from technology. It has been a habit of mine to check the notes in my phone during my free time so I get reminded of what I’m supposed to do and when and where.

This 2015, I want to be as productive as possible. I can be very lazy, you know, so I really need all the tips and motivations I can get to move my butt and produce outputs especially in the workplace and at home. 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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10 Replies to “On Making Checklists”

  1. I can be very forgetful too Edel. Mejo sad nga ako kasi minsan nagiging rush ang desisyon ko na minsan nagiging regrets kasi pag may naalala akong isang bagay eh, gagawin ko na ng biglaan. Hayy… Kapit bisig tayo jan sa pagchechecklist na yan ha!

    1. Minsan din ganyan ako, Jen, padalos-dalos. Madali kasi ma-excite. Hehe. Kaya tama, kapit-bisig tayo sa checklist para less mistakes and regrets! 🙂

  2. I live on checklist too. Every morning pag upo sa table ko, gawa na ng to do list for the entire day. Kaya I need my planner with me all the time. Kasi kung hindi nakalista sa papel, wag mo ng asahan na magagawa ko yan. Hihihi!

  3. hay naku, ms edel, meron na akong memory lapses kaya lagi na kaming binibiro sa ofc na matatanda na kami kaya isinusulat ko na rin yung mga dapat tandaan kapag nasa work 🙂 pati due dates ko posted na sa wall, ang sakit sa bulsa ng late payment charges e.

    1. Ay true ka dyan, sis. Hate ko rin ang late charges kaya dapat walang nami-miss na due dates, isulat lahat yan! Hehe. 🙂

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