Weekend Story: Pope Francis and Family Bonding

Last long weekend can be aptly called the Papal weekend. The apostolic visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines was phenomenal, a once in a lifetime opportunity that’s filled with happy memories for our country and our people.

On Saturday night, the hubby and I fetched my in-laws at Mall of Asia (MOA). After that, we had a quick dinner at Solaire’s food court upon my recommendation. It was their first time there and I was glad they liked the food. Except for that meetup, we hadn’t left the house and were just glued to the TV screen all throughout that memorable weekend.

my only outdoor photo last long weekend (lakas ng loob ko magtuck-in, diba? hehe)

We have watched most, if not all, Papal activities until his departure for Rome on Monday morning. My PILs were such Pope Francis fanatics that they would pose for a picture with him on TV whenever there was a chance. So funny and game of them. Haha.


Instead of going to the church on Sunday, we just watched the live telecast of the mass at Quirino Grandstand.

My MIL was kind enough to do all the cooking during their stay, to my relief. It’s always difficult for me to go on a diet whenever MIL’s at home because she cooks well. During their visit, she whipped up pork adobo, pork sinigang, and grilled fish which were all my favorite dishes! Good thing I paired everything with brown rice which made me less guilty over eating more than I should have.

Did I mention that MIL brought so much food from Manila for all of us? Like this peanut butter and grape jelly that I couldn’t resist!


OMG talaga, andami ko nakain last weekend! Paano naman kaya, kain-tulog lang ang ginawa namin ni Edwin. Haha.

We all went back to Manila on Monday afternoon, restful and happy and ready to face a new workweek.

Ikaw, anong weekend story mo? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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11 Replies to “Weekend Story: Pope Francis and Family Bonding”

    1. Waaaaah, hindi pa rin. Nagrice kasi kami, and since si MIL ang nagbayad ng meals namin, nahiya na ako humirit ng ibang food. Hehe. Para daw may balance naman, sis, kaya may fish, kaw talaga! 🙂

    1. Salamat sis, ang generous mo naman sa compliment. Hehe. Naku, balingkinitan ka rin kaya and since you’re breastfeeding, madali ka papayat ulit! 🙂

  1. I love your outfit! Super bagay! Kering-keri mo naman mag-tuck-in kaya. I’m drooling over the peanut butter and jelly #nojustice Haha 😀

  2. Ang sexy naman ni Edel!!! Kelan kaya ako magiging ganyan kapayat Juice colored!! We did the same din, stayed at home all weekend kahit wala naman traffic during Papal Visit. Nanuoid lang din kami sa tv. hehe

    1. Mas komportable manuod sa TV, diba Jen? Hehe. Naku, salamat, madalang ako masabihan ng sexy. Ang payat mo din kaya! 🙂

  3. Hindi ko din nakita si Pope Francis kahit isang cartwheel lang yung dinadaanan nya from our house. Kaya nga hindi din kami nakaalis kasi lahat ng way namin nakasara. But we’re also glued on the TV and attended the mass on TV. Nung blessing na nga nakataas pa kamay namin for the virtual blessing. hahaha!

    1. Naku, hindi pala nakagala ang FabSkye. Stuck at home. Hahaha, pareho tayo lahat ng actions ng nagsisimba ginagawa din namin. Kumakaway din kay Pope kapag nakasakay na sya ng Popemobile. What an experience talaga! 🙂

  4. wow, ang sexy ni ms edel, wish ko lang ganyan din ako pag nagsuot ako ng shorts, hahaha…..

    Maghapon lang din ako sa bahay nanood ng mass ni pope francis 🙂

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