Weekend Story: Pope Francis and Family Bonding

Last long weekend can be aptly called the Papal weekend. The apostolic visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines was phenomenal, a once in a lifetime opportunity that’s filled with happy memories for our country and our people.

On Saturday night, the hubby and I fetched my in-laws at Mall of Asia (MOA). After that, we had a quick dinner at Solaire’s food court upon my recommendation. It was their first time there and I was glad they liked the food. Except for that meetup, we hadn’t left the house and were just glued to the TV screen all throughout that memorable weekend.

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Papal Visit to the Philippines 2015

We have all witnessed the warm reception of the Filipino people (Catholics or otherwise) to the apostolic visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines. It’s impressive how good we behaved while he was here. It was such a lovely sight to behold, really.


Pope Francis is such an inspiration. He’s so warm and genuine. The kind and comforting words he left us have definitely touched our lives in more ways than one. I had the chance to see him face to face and eye to eye at our workplace when he visited there last Friday. (He even blessed us as he was walking past us!) I couldn’t describe the mixed emotions I felt. Napatulala na lang talaga ako. Paano pa kaya pag si Jesus na ang makita ko?! Waaaaah!

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Hello, 2014!

I welcome 2014 with open arms. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do more this year in all the aspects of my life. More in terms of learning new stuff, meeting new friends, gaining new experiences, reading more books, watching more movies, trying out new restaurants, spending more time with family and friends and appreciating life even more.

2013 has been a pretty good year for me. I felt very blessed and satisfied with almost everything. I want this year to be a more beautiful version of that year. The human being in me continues to aspire for something more. No contentment, you’ll say. But I actually feel content and it’s evident in the fact that I’m not setting new goals for this year.

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