Yellow Cab’s Pistachio Ice Cream

In an effort to lose weight, I now try to cut back my intake of sweets. Some of the sweet treats that I keep myself away from are chocolates, cakes, pastries, candies, donuts, and ice cream. I think I’m making progress because I can now control my cravings better. Today is a little bit different, though, as I’m badly craving for this:

Yellow Cab’s Pistachio Ice Cream

This pint of yummy pistachio ice cream from Yellow Cab comes in a cute canister. The price is a little expensive at P100 but you are rest assured that it’s packed with flavors and milk-creaminess not all ice creams have. I like that it’s not too sweet and doesn’t melt too easily. If I could have it my way, I’d make the pistachio nuts in this ice cream bigger and more plentiful. I’m a big pistachio nut fan, you know.

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Craving for Thai Food

My efforts to lose weight have been futile the past days. Food trips have been aplenty and I couldn’t do anything about it. My food cravings have also been in active mode and the amount of discipline left in me isn’t enough to keep this in control. Actually, right now, I’m craving for Thai food. I want to have Tom Yum soup, Catfish salad and my favorite Pad Thai!


Whenever I’m having food cravings, I really make a way to grant my tummy’s request. It’s ironic and funny at the same time how I have always wanted to lose weight and yet, I always have food cravings that I go out of my way to fulfill. I think I have already gained 10 pounds in the last few months just because I keep on forgetting to watch what I eat. And I keep on having those food cravings even in the middle of the night.

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Magnolia Frozen Delight: Pinipig Crunch

Nothing beats summer heat than a trip to the beach but when there’s low probability to do just that (like in my case), ice cream could always do the trick. Right now, I’m craving for some Magnolia Pinipig Crunch in sweet corn flavor. I blame this to the Magnolia Summer Bloggers Party I attended last April Fools Day where I first got a taste of it along with the rest of Magnolia’s frozen delights.

This sweet corn pinipig crunch is addicting because it has the familiar taste of corn and rice crispies along with the comforting goodness of Magnolia ice cream. This is one cool and affordable treat that’s readily available to Pinoys this summer. Definitely, I’ll choose this flavor over the chocolate one anytime. That, even if I’m a self-confessed chocoholic. The sweet corn flavored pinipig crunch is that good.

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