Yellow Cab’s Pistachio Ice Cream

In an effort to lose weight, I now try to cut back my intake of sweets. Some of the sweet treats that I keep myself away from are chocolates, cakes, pastries, candies, donuts, and ice cream. I think I’m making progress because I can now control my cravings better. Today is a little bit different, though, as I’m badly craving for this:

Yellow Cab’s Pistachio Ice Cream

This pint of yummy pistachio ice cream from Yellow Cab comes in a cute canister. The price is a little expensive at P100 but you are rest assured that it’s packed with flavors and milk-creaminess not all ice creams have. I like that it’s not too sweet and doesn’t melt too easily. If I could have it my way, I’d make the pistachio nuts in this ice cream bigger and more plentiful. I’m a big pistachio nut fan, you know.

If I won’t have work at the restaurant tonight, I’m surely getting myself a pint of Yellow Cab’s pistachio ice cream at SM Manila. No sharing, whatsoever. Let’s just call this day a “cheat day,” shall we? 🙂

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