Lusting Over PS3

It’s the fiancee, not me. I can’t remember the exact time he said he wanted one but I think it’s been months already. I know he can afford to get himself the gadget but there are priorities that need to be prioritized. Like his car and house mortgages. That’s what I’ve been telling him and that’s what’s keeping him from realizing his PS3 dream.

If I were filthy rich or just well-moneyed, I’d gift him with a brand spanking new PS3. But I’m just an ordinary girl trying to make ends meet. All I can buy him for now are new shirts, CDs, USB flash drives, Cell phone accessories or dinners. Hopefully, when I get that one job I’m so aspiring for, his lusting-over-PS3 days will be over.

In the meantime, I guess he has to make-do with his PSP and playing games online. 🙂

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