Dreaming of Tagaytay

The past days have been very toxic for me. I have been literally swamped with work and couldn’t do anything about it. I remember asking for some pampering the other day and look what landed on my hands this afternoon – a voucher from some groupon site for an overnight accommodation in Tagaytay courtesy of the fiancee!

Maybe he’s been feeling the same thing. That we badly need a weekend getaway to relax and rejuvenate our tired bodies. The Tagaytay voucher came just in time. Aside from being made of awesome, cheap vouchers are a life saver. From the original price of P4,600, the fiancee got ours for almost P1,900 only. Amazing.

I was trying to reserve with the hotel on our date of choice a while ago but the numbers they provided on the groupon site weren’t cooperating. I’m guessing they’re currently being bombarded with calls from customers like us. Poor them. Perhaps, I should just call them tonight.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments! I enjoyed my stay in Manila and loved blogging about my trip there! Your blog looks interesting! I love to learn more about Manila. Btw, welcome to KL! Hope you enjoy your stay in Malaysia! And I hope to read your posts on KL! : )

    1. Thanks Foongpc! Your blogs about your Manila trip are very cool and informative! I just couldn’t help not to leave comments. Yeah, I hope we get to enjoy KL as much as you enjoyed Manila! 🙂

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