Missing Binondo and Chinese Food!

Two Fridays ago, I had a fantastic Chinese lunch courtesy of our former boss (and one of my wedding godparents, too). She had some Chinese food sent over to our office all the way from a restaurant at the Makati Golf and Country Club. Ang sushal lang. Haha.

our Chinese lunch, thanks again Ms. BAA!

While enjoying the delicious Chinese food, I suddenly missed Binondo. I remembered the food trips hubby and I used to have there in the past. We’ve tried and enjoyed the food at Wai Ying Fastfood, Masuki, Estero, Dong Bei Dumpling, Sincerity Cafe, and Cafe Mezzanine. I planned for us to try more hole-in-the-wall eateries and dainty restaurants that serve authentic Chinese dishes but my previous pregnancy (and my delicate condition for that matter) prevented us from doing so.

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My KFC Lunch is the New Fish Twister

UPDATE: Just sharing my KFC Fish Twister review.

Just got back from my ob-gyne’s clinic. Glad everything turned out okay and normal. She advised me to go back to her next week so she could interpret and give the pap smear results to me. The boyfriend was kind enough to accompany me to my doctor. After my check-up, we were supposed to go to the World Trade Center so he could check out some auto show there. But the rain poured hard on our side of town and so we had to cancel it. We just had lunch at KFC-Nagtahan and then went straight home.

fish twister
KFC Fish Twister

My lunch was KFC’s special offering for Lent, the new Fish Twister (P80 for ala carte and P95 with softdrink). It was served on our table hot and inside a box. It was basically breaded dory fillet, cucumber slices, special mayo-mustard sauce and two kinds of cheeses (melted mozarella and grated cheddar) wrapped in a warm tortilla.I loved it. It was good. KFC was also generous with the mayo-mustard sauce and the two cheeses. Yum.

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