My KFC Lunch is the New Fish Twister

UPDATE: Just sharing my KFC Fish Twister review.

Just got back from my ob-gyne’s clinic. Glad everything turned out okay and normal. She advised me to go back to her next week so she could interpret and give the pap smear results to me. The boyfriend was kind enough to accompany me to my doctor. After my check-up, we were supposed to go to the World Trade Center so he could check out some auto show there. But the rain poured hard on our side of town and so we had to cancel it. We just had lunch at KFC-Nagtahan and then went straight home.

fish twister
KFC Fish Twister

My lunch was KFC’s special offering for Lent, the new Fish Twister (P80 for ala carte and P95 with softdrink). It was served on our table hot and inside a box. It was basically breaded dory fillet, cucumber slices, special mayo-mustard sauce and two kinds of cheeses (melted mozarella and grated cheddar) wrapped in a warm tortilla.I loved it. It was good. KFC was also generous with the mayo-mustard sauce and the two cheeses. Yum.

I am definitely writing a more detailed review of this product on my food blog. Watch out for that.

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  1. sobrang pinanindigan na ng KFC ang term na *twister* gusto ko siyang tikman pero kelangan i-confirm ko muna kung ano ung isda. kasi if it’s tuna, then that’s a big no hehe

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