Brisk Walking as a Form of Exercise

When I got so busy at work in the latter part of May and the entire month of June, I forgot about zumba. I don’t know if we could resume doing it because our zumba instructor left already (and so did the other participants). For now, brisk walking is my form of exercise.

The hubby and I have started walking briskly recently. We do it every night after dinner. These days, we get to walk as long as 3.7 km every session. Brisk walking does not only help us get fit and healthy, but it also helps us relax. It’s also a great bonding activity for us after working the whole day on weekdays.

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Quiet Weekend

It’s not every time that we get to experience a quiet weekend. You know, a weekend where there’s very little or zero happenings. Last weekend was a perfect example of a quiet weekend for us. The hubby and I just stayed home doing household chores together and taking our much-needed rest after. That kind of stuff.

Except for our quick trip to SM Bacoor to replenish our pantry supplies, we just spent a quiet weekend at home. It was scorching hot outside so we just watched a lot of TV, played a lot of games, ate a lot of food, and cuddled and kissed each other like there’s no tomorrow (okay, that’s exaggerated).

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10th Month

It’s our 10th month as husband and wife today. So far, so good. In our fairly short time as a married couple, the hubby and I have been through a lot already. With this, somehow I’m confident that we can overcome any challenge or obstacle that life may throw at us.


Two more months and it’s gonna be our first wedding anniversary! We’ve been blessed with a happy marriage, loving family, caring friends, stable jobs, and good health. We really can’t ask for more with the life we have now. We may have failed in our quest to build our own little family last year, but we still have this year and the coming ones to try again. In God’s time, our family dream will come true.

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4th Month

Marriage is a lifelong commitment that two persons deeply in love with each other make. True. It is, however, not just filled with love but with all other things that make the commitment more bearable and long lasting.

happy at four months!

The hubby and I are now on our fourth month as a married couple. What a short, short time, I must say. We have not proven anything solid yet, except for our willingness to stick with each other no matter what challenge or adversity this marriage brings us.

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