Brisk Walking as a Form of Exercise

When I got so busy at work in the latter part of May and the entire month of June, I forgot about zumba. I don’t know if we could resume doing it because our zumba instructor left already (and so did the other participants). For now, brisk walking is my form of exercise.

The hubby and I have started walking briskly recently. We do it every night after dinner. These days, we get to walk as long as 3.7 km every session. Brisk walking does not only help us get fit and healthy, but it also helps us relax. It’s also a great bonding activity for us after working the whole day on weekdays.

To keep track of our brisk walking sessions, the hubby uses this running app (he hasn’t found a walking app yet so this will do for now!) that lets him see the length and time of our brisk walk. It even maps out the route we follow. And there’s an automatic voice-over that informs him of our accomplishments. Cool, huh! It’s a good app so you runners out there might want to give a try.

I once read an article online claiming that brisk walking is better than running, healthwise. That is, if the same energy is used. It’s also a given that there’s a lower injury associated to a low impact exercise (brisk walking) as compared to a high impact exercise (running).

Personally, I think brisk walking is for me because it has the right level of intensity and it doesn’t make my naturally big legs grow bigger. Or so I noticed. Haha.

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