Weekend Story: Wedding Anniversary Celebration (Twin Lakes Hotel Tagaytay)

Last weekend was declared an #EandEHoliday. March 17, 2019 was our 7th wedding anniversary, after all. And so we decided last minute to celebrate by having a staycation at Twin Lakes Hotel Tagaytay. Best decision, ever! I found a good deal from Deal Grocer and got a room for the hubby and me at just PhP6,250. It was actually good for three persons na but that third person is yet to be born in this world (wishful thinking!), haha. We had a fantastic stay at the hotel, got to dine at Neri’s Not So Secret Garden (bilang fan ako ng #WaisNaMisis), and visited Caleruega Retreat Center to pray and give thanks to the Lord for our awesome seven years of marriage. (I even bumped into mommy blogger Badet there who was with her family!) To more happy years together!

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My Funny Husband

I think I have the funniest husband in the world. His sense of humor is the best. Or at least, it is, in my mind and ears. He loves to throw jokes at me. He enjoys making jokes out of ordinary things. Sometimes I wonder if he’s starting to lose his sanity. He’s crazily funny, if you know what I mean.

Having a husband like mine is like having a clown in the house. It always feels like there’s a children’s party happening right in front of me. I admit I get annoyed at him sometimes, but almost always I end up missing his funny antics when he finally stops after my reprimand. It’s just so sad that our angel in heaven wasn’t able to experience his dad’s coolness and endearingly funny personality. (We miss you, baby.)

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First Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, March 17, was our first wedding anniversary. The hubby took me out for a lunch date at Corniche, one of the restaurants inside Diamond Hotel. We had a great time feasting on the wide buffet spread. We’ve dined at Corniche a few times already and every time, the food was good. Nothing spectacular but definitely hotel quality.

with the hubby

Diamond Hotel is close to our hearts. This was where we had our wedding preps and it was a big part of our wedding video and photo shoots. The hubby and I have fond memories of our two-night stay at the hotel (prior and after the wedding) and we like the fact that it’s facing the Manila bay which makes its ambiance truly romantic.

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10th Month

It’s our 10th month as husband and wife today. So far, so good. In our fairly short time as a married couple, the hubby and I have been through a lot already. With this, somehow I’m confident that we can overcome any challenge or obstacle that life may throw at us.


Two more months and it’s gonna be our first wedding anniversary! We’ve been blessed with a happy marriage, loving family, caring friends, stable jobs, and good health. We really can’t ask for more with the life we have now. We may have failed in our quest to build our own little family last year, but we still have this year and the coming ones to try again. In God’s time, our family dream will come true.

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