First Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, March 17, was our first wedding anniversary. The hubby took me out for a lunch date at Corniche, one of the restaurants inside Diamond Hotel. We had a great time feasting on the wide buffet spread. We’ve dined at Corniche a few times already and every time, the food was good. Nothing spectacular but definitely hotel quality.

with the hubby

Diamond Hotel is close to our hearts. This was where we had our wedding preps and it was a big part of our wedding video and photo shoots. The hubby and I have fond memories of our two-night stay at the hotel (prior and after the wedding) and we like the fact that it’s facing the Manila bay which makes its ambiance truly romantic.

random food from the buffet

Corniche serves yummy homemade ice cream, I ate all these flavors!

The hubby isn’t good at throwing surprises but I have to give him credit for the surprise he managed to pull off at the midnight of the 17th. He gave me a gift and guess what, it was another bag! After we kissed and greeted each other a happy wedding anniversary, he asked me to look under the bed and get my gift. I initially thought he was just joking. But he said I should really look under the bed, so I did. And there I found it, a Guess bag wrapped in a paper bag!

my first Guess bag, ever

The man really knows I like bags a lot. (Like how I also know he likes gadgets a lot and even plans to get one of those crimson mounts for our iPad Mini soon.) Actually, he knows the things that can make me giddy like a child. And that’s why I super love him.

After our lunch date, we headed straight to my in-laws’ place in Manila because my FIL wanted to spend some time with us and eat ice cream at Magnolia Flavor House in Robinson Magnolia. When we got to the restaurant, we were on the waiting list. I think my name was on the 12th spot. My SIL was hungry already and couldn’t wait any longer so we settled for the next best thing, Bon Chon Chicken. They just got their ice cream fix from Dairy Queen at the food court.

After eating, we checked out the department store. My FIL bought a new pair of shoes and my MIL got herself some new tops. I was ecstatic to have scored a lovely LBD (will share about it in a different post). All in all, it was a simple, happy celebration made extra special by the people we love.

To my dearest hubby, I know you read scan my blog and so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for loving me the way you do, for taking care of me and our marriage, for everything. In a very short time (just 365 days), we’ve been through a lot already but you have remained with me and kept my sanity intact. You make me happy every day and so I look forward to more happy days with you. I hope I have the same effect to you. Once again, thank you and rest assured that I will never get tired of loving you. Mwaaaaaah! 🙂

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