Weekend Story: Parents-in-Law’s Golden Wedding Anniversary + Mame’s 67th Birthday

Last weekend was a time of joy for our family. It was actually a back-to-back celebration: my parents-in-law’s golden wedding anniversary and Mame’s 67th birthday. So, we had special family lunch on Saturday and on Sunday. Both lunches even got extended to dinner because there were still leftover food to be shared.

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On Wedding Anniversaries

Next month, the hubby and I will already be celebrating our second wedding anniversary. Oh, how time flies! I can still vividly remember the time when he proposed to me (in the most lousy and uncreative way ever, haha), when we were taking care of the wedding preparations, the wedding day itself, our honeymoon, our first few weeks as a married couple and so much more.

Why are wedding anniversaries celebrated, anyway? Of course, it’s a milestone for married couples. But more than being a milestone, for me it’s a sort of renewal of your marriage vows and affirmation of your love and commitment to each other. Wedding anniversaries need not be lavish or anything. It can always be celebrated quietly and modestly. The most important thing of all is you and your spouse know and recognize the real meaning behind it.

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First Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, March 17, was our first wedding anniversary. The hubby took me out for a lunch date at Corniche, one of the restaurants inside Diamond Hotel. We had a great time feasting on the wide buffet spread. We’ve dined at Corniche a few times already and every time, the food was good. Nothing spectacular but definitely hotel quality.

with the hubby

Diamond Hotel is close to our hearts. This was where we had our wedding preps and it was a big part of our wedding video and photo shoots. The hubby and I have fond memories of our two-night stay at the hotel (prior and after the wedding) and we like the fact that it’s facing the Manila bay which makes its ambiance truly romantic.

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