Meal Planning on a Budget

Staying at our in-laws’ place during weekdays, I leave the meal planning to the lady of the house, my MIL. She decides what food to prepare for the family, with occasional requests from her husband and three children (that includes yours truly).

Meal planning during weekends at our marital home in Bacoor is a different story. There, I get to practice being the smart wife who knows her way around the kitchen. In the three years that the hubby and I are married (going four in March!), I have not really sat down and written a meal plan. Or maybe I have, but it was only written in my head, not on paper. Haha.

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Weekend Story: Breezy Saturday and Busy Sunday

Every weekend is different. Every weekend is special. I always envision my weekends to be different and special. Isn’t it amazing that we all get seven days a week and that most of us have two days (out of the seven) to rest from work and just do the things we love? I know some of you work on Saturday or Sunday (I sometimes do, too), but you get the point.

I mentioned that my Saturday was breezy because it was relaxed and cheery. I woke up late while the hubby went to grad school and came back not until 5:00 p.m. We were still in Manila so I prepared my own breakfast. I also reheated some cooked dishes from the freezer because the hubby always goes home for lunch.

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