Weekend Story: Breezy Saturday and Busy Sunday

Every weekend is different. Every weekend is special. I always envision my weekends to be different and special. Isn’t it amazing that we all get seven days a week and that most of us have two days (out of the seven) to rest from work and just do the things we love? I know some of you work on Saturday or Sunday (I sometimes do, too), but you get the point.

I mentioned that my Saturday was breezy because it was relaxed and cheery. I woke up late while the hubby went to grad school and came back not until 5:00 p.m. We were still in Manila so I prepared my own breakfast. I also reheated some cooked dishes from the freezer because the hubby always goes home for lunch.

After feeding the hubby, I went out and crossed the street to go to my siblings’ place. Mame told me that my uncle Ludring and cousin Jun2x were there because they were to fly to Cebu the next day and Daddy would accompany them to the airport. So, we had a little chitchat first before I got to chill out with my siblings until it was time for the hubby and I to go home in Bacoor.

Before we drove to Bacoor, we had visited our son’s grave and heard the anticipated mass at St. Michael the Archangel Shrine.


Traffic was light on Roxas Blvd. and before we knew it, we were already entering the gate of our village. I didn’t plan on cooking dinner that night so we just stopped over at Kowloon House on Molino Blvd. and got two jumbo siopaos and a serving of beef and wanton noodle soup for us to share. Solved!

Our Sunday was spent doing household chores. The hubby got his OC mode on as he cleaned the car and tidied up our tiny balcony. I, on the other hand, got busy hand-washing our office clothes (I’ve been doing this since last month in an effort to prolong the life span of our clothes, haha) and preparing our meals for the day. As much as possible, I try to cook healthy meals during weekends to make up for the not-so healthy food we get to eat during weekdays. I also cook two different rice for the two of us each time.


The white rice is for the hubby while the brown rice is for me. He said that despite the health benefits of brown rice, he still cannot give up on his white rice. As a compromise, he now lets me measure his rice intake which I keep at a maximum of two cups per meal. Fair deal, I guess.

While watching TV at our living room, I noticed this 2013 planner tucked under our sofa table along with some random old magazines. I decided to flip the pages and was instantly reminded that this planner has several gourmet recipes inside arranged by month. One day, I’ll make my own tiramisu using the recipe mentioned there!


It must be the cold weather or we’re just getting old, but the hubby and I opted to sleep early that night instead of watching a movie as what we had initially planned. 🙂

How did you weekend go, friends?

May you choose happiness always,

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16 Replies to “Weekend Story: Breezy Saturday and Busy Sunday”

  1. Stay lang din kami sa bahay. Edel. Ok lang din sakin basta may masarap na food, hehe!

    Mabuti ok naman yung weekend mo, totoo bang healthier ang brown rice? meron pa nga black diba? Tsaka curious din ako sa difference ng taste nila sa white rice e.

    1. Tama, Joy, basta kasama pamilya at masarap food, solved na. Hehe.

      Yes, healthier compared to white rice. May fiber kasi, less sugar and may mga macronutrients din. For me ha, I like brown rice kasi para ako kumakain lagi ng sinangag, which I love. 🙂

  2. our weekend was spent on partner’s hometown in Pangasinan that I’ll be blogging soon!! There were so much to make kwento! =) How does brown rice tastes like Edel? was that like the usual brown rice? yung tira na white then ipa fry? hehe

    1. Wow, Pangasinan, kumain ba kayo ng tupig at boneless daing na bangus, Jen? Hehe. I’m sure daming kwento yan. Yep, parang sinangag yung texture nya minus the oil, kaya gusto ko kasi sinangag lover ako. Hehe. 🙂

    1. Ay talaga? Dyan naman sa church na yan kami kinasal ni Edwin. Hihi. Gusto ko rin ng red rice, sis! Actually, mas healthy sya kesa sa brown rice (base sa nabasa ko online) kaya lang mas gusto ko yung texture ng brown rice na parang sinangag nga. Hehe. 🙂

  3. Alam mo ms. edel, natutuwa ako sa weekend life mo. You have a way of making your ordinary weekend life to an extraordinary one, parang ang dami nyo laging nagagawa pag weekend.
    Di ko rin type ang lasa ng brown rice, heheh kaya minsan pinagco-combine ng nanay ko ang brown at white rice, yun medyo nakakain ko na rin.
    My weekend was focused on our newly born nephew, sobrang bilis ng oras maghapon kaya bitin 🙂

    1. Thank you, Grace! I think it’s really how you make the most of your day and how you see your life as a whole. Basta good vibes na lang ako lagi. Hehe. Ay naku, inggit ako sa baby na yan….enjoy him to the fullest kasi mabilis lumaki ang mga bata. 🙂

    1. Waaaaah, namamahalan ako sa quinoa. At para kasing hindi mo naman sya makakain ng as is, kailangan isama pa sa ibang food, tama ba? Pag may extra extra budget na siguro, I’ll try it. 🙂

  4. Bahay lang din. Except for a quick night out (church then a quick burger fix at Wendy’s) nung Sunday, bahay lang kami. Yey! My shopping is making me a home buddy. Hihihihi! Tuwa din naman si Skye kasi naglalaro lang kami maghapon.

    1. Waaaah, I miss Wendy’s frosty! Nabanggit mo kasi ang Wendy’s. Hehe. Aba, eh tiyak happy si FabSkye dahil naglaro pala kayo maghapon. 🙂

  5. My weekends.. manood ng the voice at kumaen ng masarap hahaha

    But really, I always believe that weekends should be made so relaxing….quota na tayo sa buong work week

    1. Kumain ng masarap, apir tayo dyan! Korek, tama na ang limang araw na pagod, kaya pahinga na pag weekends, yung tipong taas-dalawang-paa levels, hehe. 🙂

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